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Saint Lucia Photo Week – The Ultimate
Photography & Cultural Immersion
Seamlessly Intertwined…


With St Lucia’s Ambassador of Photography – Kirk Elliott

When ———— Sunday October 1st – Monday October 9th
Accommodations ———– Royalton All Inclusive Reso
26 Participants ONLY

From the Desk of

Kirk Elliott – International Award Winning Photography Instructor
Saturday August 19th 2017

Dear Photo Enthusiast,

St Lucia Photo Week

Kirk Elliott

My name is Kirk and twice weekly since 2014 I have conducted the St Lucia Photo Tour.

The tour is a niche tourism experience that seeks to provide visitors to my island home with a deeper window of perception and interaction with local culture through the medium of photography and cultural immersion .



The Massive Failure of Many Photo Workshops

Having attended many photo workshops from Hawaii to Miami and across the Caribbean
too, I must confess that I have found many of them kinda cold and sterile.

Now don’t get me wrong as I have always learnt a lot.  But I have somehow been left
disappointed that there was no local guide to bring the hidden culture and beauty of those
exotic places to life the way that only a local can do.

As a result I always left those beautiful places feeling like I had missed the heart and soul of
the place and I would leave feeling a need to return on my own so that I could really connect.

The St Lucia Photo Tour’s Secret Sauce

So I created the St Lucia Photo Tour as a blend of my slightly contrarian approach to
photography combined with liberal doses of cultural immersion that takes visitors to places
most tourists never go to discover things those tourists will never know.  And judging from
my TripAdvisor rave reviews I think I’ve cracked the code with this Secret Sauce…

Now just imagine how amazingly spectacular a week of this is gonna be as
that’s what the St Lucia Photo Week is all about!

But before we get to what’s in store for you during the St Lucia Photo Week let me share how
this all came to be.  So hang in there with me as I promise that understanding this little story
will make The St Lucia Photo Week more meaningful for you…

Tom Maras & Kirk Elliott Meet Up and
An AMAZING Idea is Born

Back in 2014 Tom joined me on a St Lucia Photo Tour and ever since we have kept in touch
with emails such as this one from Tom:

“Hi Kirk

I went on the Photo Tour with you Dec 29th 2014.   That was the best part of my vacation!!  …I  am considering the Photo Shop Elements or the Photo Shop Lightroom software.  Which would you recommend?

I miss St. Lucia so much.  You are so lucky to live there.”

…And then there was this one just the other day:

“Kirk I was thinking about having a few members of my photography club come down to St Lucia for a week and was wondering if you could put together a Photo Tour Package for us that would cover Monday, Wednesday and Friday and leave us with the other days for fun and relaxation”

To which I responded:

“Tom What a marvelous idea.   Funny as I have been toying with the idea of a St Lucia Photo Week, and I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to introduce it so let’s just do it!”

…And so was born – The St Lucia Photo Week

The St Lucia Photo Week In Detail

Sunday October 1st

  • Participants arrive in Saint Lucia…
  • A contingent from the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and Kirk Elliott Photography will be present at the Hewanorra International Airport to welcome participants…
  • The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority will facilitate participants clearing Saint Lucia Customs with their photo gear…
  • Welcome reception at the Royalton Hotel – Time To Be Announced…

Monday October 2nd

Full Photo Tour day Commencing With Theory as follows:

  • Workings of the Camera and tying it all together
    — Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO interaction for Depth of Field & Motion Effects
  • Telling Your Story with Composition
    — Rule of Thirds/Diagonals as Leading Lines/Creating a Sense of Depth
  • Light — Techniques For REALLY Seeing The Light
  • Engaging Locals For Images That Tell Amazing Stories
  • Polarizers and Why I Swear By Them
  • The Power of Flash and Why I Often Use Mine Outdoors In Bright Sunlight
  • Scene Analysis & The Michael Angelo Theory – This one is powerful!

    Then It’s Off To Shooting

  • We will visit Serenity Park in Down Town Castries for an exercise in composition
    and Depth of Field
  • Next we visit the Fishing Docks Across The Street…
  • From there it’s off to a Local Lunch beneath The Almond Tree.  This is a local restaurant that caters to the average Joe on the street, local corporate executives, government officials; and even the Prime Minister will sometimes drop in for lunch — Great local ambiance and good food to boot…
  • After lunch we visit the picturesque Marigot Bay which has been described as one of the most beautiful anchorages in the entire Caribbean – and certainly the safest when hurricanes strike…
  • By the end of the day expect your head to be swimming with ideas…
Marigot Bay - St Lucia

Marigot Bay – St Lucia

Tuesday October 3rd

  • Free Day to relax and do whatever you wish – Thia, our Special Moments Specialist
    will be available to facilitate any activities you may wish to schedule…
  • We will meet up in the late afternoon for a Sunset Theory Session then head off to the beach to shoot the sunset…

Wednesday October 4th

  • Sunrise photography at Cas en bas – This is on the rough and rugged St Lucia east coast…
  • After sunrise we spend the rest of the morning shooting pictures in the town of Gros Islet…
  • Then we head back to the Royalton for lunch as it will be a 10 minute drive away…
  • In the afternoon we will head off to Pigeon Island to explore and photograph the military ruins on the island.

    Saint Lucia – Helen of The West Indies

    Saint Lucia changed hands between the English and the French a total of 14 times, earning it the title of Helen of the West Indies, and Pigeon Island played a significant role in many of the battles, including the last  one in 1783 that caused St Lucia to remain English instead of French – Discover the full story when you get here…
Pigeon Island - St Lucia

Pigeon Island – St Lucia

Thursday October 5th

  • Free Day to relax and do whatever you wish – Thia, our Special Moments Specialist will be available to facilitate any activities you may wish to schedule…

Friday October 6th

  • We will spend the morning exploring and photographing the sleepy little fishing village of Anse La Raye
  • Here you will get the opportunity to shoot down on the beach, interact with the villagers and make pictures of them, watch bread being baked in a village oven, then sample some hot right out of the oven with cheddar cheese and butter melted right inside the bread… Yeah it’s a little bit unhealthy – but what the heck … once in a lifetime aint gonna kill – right!
  • All told this will be an amazing cultural experience
  • After Anse La Raye we head back to the Royalton for lunch and we take the afternoon off
  • Then we head down to Gros Islet for another round of sunset pictures – this time with some local models down on the beach
  • Then from here we will go photograph Saint Lucia’s world renowned Friday Night Street Party!
Anse La Raye - St Lucia

Fishermen in Anse La Raye, Saint Lucia Hauling in a Fishing Boat

Saturday October 7th

  • Now it’s Party Time as we head down to Soufriere – home to St Lucia’s world famous Pitons on a private catamaran charter…
  • Piton Beer, Rum Punch, juice, water and light snacks are included
  • In Soufriere we will visit a waterfall for both photography and bathing
  • Then we will visit the community of Fond Gens Libre which translates to Valley of the Free People.  This community at the base of one of The Pitons is home to the descendants of St Lucia’s runaway slaves.  Kirk has adopted this community and is working with them at capacity  building and sustainable tourism development.

Giving Back

  • Lunch will be served and we will spend a really pleasant afternoon here with the kids who will be presented with cameras and educational materials such as kids learning material from National Geographic compliments of the Photo
    Week’s participants
  • Kirk will subsequently teach the kids the fundamentals of photography
    before sending them out to create pictures of what is beautiful in their
    world.  This project is about youth empowerment & sustainable tourism
    development and is in keeping with Kirk’s commitment to Giving Back
  • The press will be invited so that cultural exchange and social commitment on the part of Photo Week participants can be shared with the rest of St Lucia during the evening news
  • From Fond Gens Libre we will head back to the catamaran for the trip back to Castries
Catamaran To Soufriere St Lucia

Catamaran To Soufriere

Sunday October 8th

  • Free Day
  • Sunday evening – Picture slide show of participants’ favourite images
  • Prize Giving & Farewell dinner – The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is in the process of arranging prizes.The Authority salutes and supports the St Lucia Photo Week as an extremely novel and innovative niche tourism experience and has promised to offer prizes that will make winners extremely happy and the Grand Prize winner absolutely ecstatic – Further details to be announced

Monday October 9th

  • Participants head home

What Folks Are Saying On Trip Advisor

If you are liking the sound of the St Lucia Photo Week itinerary above but still wondering what exactly you can expect let me share a few comments from the St Lucia Photo Tour’s TripAdvisor Review page:

We Recommend Kirk Elliott!
Greg & Crystal Easter – Marilla New York Feb 2014

Here’s the Back Story:

In her pre-Photo Tour questionnaire Crystal told me that her greatest desire in taking the Photo Tour was to finally score a 15 out of 15 in one of her Camera Club’s submissions

… And I’m happy to share this email from Crystal after she returned home:

“Hello Kirk,

I wanted to give you an update.  I have been in our camera club for 6 years and last night I received my first perfect score! It was from a flower in St Lucia…”

Now there’s an email that made my day!!!
JZ_MD – Annapolis Maryland Jan 2015
Lucinda D – Australia March 2017

…And this is just a few of the nearly 150 5 Star reviews over on TripAdvisor

St Lucia Photo Tour Awards

  • To date the St Lucia Photo Tour has won Trip Advsior Certificates of Excellence in 2015, 2016 & 2017
  • In 2016 the Luxury Travel Guide awarded the St Lucia Photo Tour Unique Tour of the year for Saint Lucia
  • In 2017 Luxury Travel Guide awarded the Photo Tour Cultural Tour of the year for Saint LuciaSt Lucia Photo Tour Awards 2015 - 17










So How Much Does The Photo Week Cost???

Air Fare, Accommodation & Photography

Starting From U$3,345 per person – Double Occupancy


What’s Included:

  • Airfare
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodations at Royalton All Inclusive Resort
  • Photo Classes with transportation to all photo locations
  • Welcome Pack
  • Polo Shirt ( 1 per participant)
  • Boat Trip to Soufriere (home of St Lucia’s Pitons – a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Farewell Dinner & Awards Ceremony for Photo Competition

Kindly note that this price is time sensitive and is also based on room availability.

Early Bird Discount

To celebrate this inaugural St Lucia Photo Week we have arranged up to $230.00 in discounts.

Early Bird Discount Deadline

To enjoy the Early Bird Special you must make a deposit by midnight Eastern
Standard Time (EST) Saturday July 15th.

Albion Travel Company LLC –
Official Travel Agency For The St Lucia Photo Week

Albion Travel
is the Official Travel Agency for The St Lucia Photo Week and should be contacted for your travel arrangements.  Albion Travel has also made accommodation arrangements with the Royalton All Inclusive Resort so that everyone can be at the same location.

To keep the payment process as seamless and as simple as possible Albion Travel will handle your entire payment process.

Full Payment Requirement

Full Payment required by Thursday August 17th 2017

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Sometimes a cancellation simply can’t be avoided.  To safeguard against loosing all of your paid up money should you need to cancel we highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

Learn more or Book Now

Email Kirk  or call 1.758.518.5800

Email Tom  or call 443-567-6109  or  301-481-5844

What Do You Wanna Learn???
St Lucia Photo Week Questionnaire

My mission on the St Lucia Photo Week is to help you have your most amazing photography experience abroad ever, while at the same time have Saint Lucia leave an indelible mark upon your consciousness so that your time here is also one of your best vacation experiences ever

Once you book your Photo Week you will receive a questionnaire that helps us customize the week of photography so that your specific areas of interest are addressed.

This is one of the unique features of the one day St Lucia Photo Tour that photo enthusiasts rave about over on TripAdvisor and I know that you will love it too…

Here’s an example of some of the things you will answer on the questionnaire:

  • How would you describe your photography? – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
  • What do you like shooting pictures of?
  • What gear will you be coming with?
  • What are the 3 most important things you would like to learn?

This is just a little sample but I’m sure that you can already see how this information allows us to customize the experience to benefit you most.

This is the sort of really helpful approach that I have never had during any of my photo workshops.  It is yet another one of the ways that you will receive tremendous benefit out of the St Lucia Photo Week

St Lucia Photo Week Exclusive WhatsApp Group

Once you secure your space you will be added to the WhatsApp Group set up exclusively for Photo Week participants.

This will allow you to receive instant updates to your cell phone.

Why 26 Persons

The primary bus we will be using accommodates 26 passengers and I like to keep us all together as much as possible.  For shorter trips we will use 2 buses and each bus will have one of my assistants riding with you

Final Questions Before You Book?

So I’ve tried very hard to cover all the bases and to answer all of the questions you may have about The upcoming St Lucia Photo week.

But just in case I missed any thing and you still have a question simply click the email link below and I will respond within 48 hours.

Email Kirk

These Discounted Prices May Never Be Repeated

Check out any other photo workshops abroad and you will quickly discover that not only does no other Photo workshop offer you the level of local access, insight and interaction like you will enjoy during your St Lucia Photo Week, but also that no other photo workshop anywhere abroad comes close to the low low price of of this one.

Truth is these deeply discounted prices are our special way of welcoming you to the Inaugural St Lucia Photo Week and these prices may never be offered ever again so book early to avoid missing out…

So with that said – Here’s looking forward to meeting you down in St Lucia in October

One Love Kirk





P.S. This is an Extra Special Introductory Price to celebrate the Inaugural St Lucia Photo Week
and such a deeply discounted price may never be offered again…

P.P.S. An AMAZING week in Saint Lucia awaits you as no other Photo Workshop abroad allows you to experience the culture of your destination while learning photography the way the St Lucia Photo does