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St Lucia All Inclusive

2 Responses to “St Lucia All Inclusive”

  1. Gregg Matthews says:

    interested in All Inclusive Resorts

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hi Gregg,

      Sorry for not responding sooner as I’ve been really busy.

      Sandals is probably the most popular AI in St Lucia. Lots of restaurants to choose from but a common complaint is that what is promoted on their site and what you will get can be vastly different

      Coconut Bay on the South of the island is popular particularly with the British and it represents a nice getaway, however it’s on the south end of the island where there isn’t as much to do as up in the North

      Windjammer Landing has an AI option though this resort is on the pricey end of the scale

      Rendevouz is an older AI which is close to Castries.

      There’s also Smuggler’s cove which last I heard was a bit run down, but apparently still apeals to the budget concious

      Oh, and there’s the Almond St James club which is another AI that tends to get good reviews

      Check out Trip Advisor for St Lucia AI reviews and you might even post a message about your plans. This will get you lots of feedback which should help you to make a choice.

      Best of luck with your selection…

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