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All About St Lucia Weather

A Typical St Lucia Weather Day

All About St Lucia Weather


St Lucia Weather


If you are planning a St Lucia vacation then you are most likely wondering about the St Lucia weather.  Will there be endless days of sunshine or will it rain?  Will there be lots of cloud cover to stop you getting a tan or will it snow!  Okay so it never snows in St Lucia, but I’m sure you get my drift.  In this article you will discover all there is to know about the weather in St Lucia and even why when it rains there’s usually no need for you to worry.

Caribbean  St Lucia Map

Caribbean Map

Saint Lucia is a lush tropical island fairly south in the Caribbean island chain.  Because the island is so far south we rarely ever get hit directly by hurricanes as they tend to veer northwards as they travel across the Atlantic Ocean after developing off the African coast.  The St Lucia weather is best described as Tropical and most days have less than a 30% chance of showers.  In fact the most common downpours are called showers because they often last just long enough for you to get a soaking if you are outdoors and then they are gone – pretty much like taking a shower.  Best of all because the daytime temperature is usually 80 degrees and higher the rain in Saint Lucia is refreshingly warm, which is why even when it rains down here there’s really no cause for concern.

St Lucia Weather Forecast 10 Day Report


Now the beautiful thing about the internet is that you can find just about any information  you ask google or bing or yahoo to serve up and a popular thing to ask for when planning a St Lucia vacation is a St Lucia weather forecast 10 day report.  This report will show you the high and low temperatures as well as the sunshine or rain probability for a 10 day period.  The best time to get this report is shortly before your St Lucia vacation and it’s a wise idea to print out a copy so that you can refer to it while you’re in Saint Lucia.

It is also noteworthy that the northern part of St Lucia gets the least rain and it is not unusual for it to be raining in Castries while the northern end of the island remains bone dry – and this is where most of  Saint Lucia’s hotels are. Now the reason why it is recommended that you print your St Lucia weather forecast 10 day report shortly before leaving for your travel is because the closer you are to the dates that you wish a St Lucia weather report for it’s the more accurate a report you can expect.

St Lucia Climate


The world is divided into various climatic zones and Saint Lucia falls into the Tropical Climate Zone making it fair to say that the St Lucia Climate is Tropical.  St Lucia lies in the pathway of the North East Trade Winds which tend to cool the island while bringing humidity with them.  Because the Trade Winds are constantly blowing the humidity in St Lucia is usually not unbearable.  However there tends to be some periods during the early summer months when the Trade Winds can subside and the humidy becomes palpable.  Fortunately though these periods never last very long.  St Lucia’s mean annual temperature ranges between 78.8 °F/26 °C and 89.6 °F/32 °C at sea level, with December into January being the coldest month while the hottest months are generally June into July.  Night time temperatures drop to an average of about 55.4 °F/13 °C at the mountain tops in the interior of the island.

St Lucia Map


St Lucia Map Image

St Lucia Map

When coming away on vacation one of the things that you’ll very likely be interested in will be a St Lucia map.  There are very detailed maps as well as some that just feature the various district boundaries.  Then there are still other maps that feature the location of various St Lucia excursions.  When considering a St Lucia map one of the best ones to get will feature a broad outline of the road network from the Hewanorra International Airport up to Castries which is the city.  Your ideal St Lucia map will feature the streets of Castries as well as the Rodney Bay Village area with all its restaurants and other amenities.  And if excursions are your passion then there are plenty to choose from such as the ever popular boat trips to Soufriere which are usually packed solid and a great party, down to more personalized excursions such as the St Lucia Photo Safari which was created specifically for those who love travel photography and would love to learn how to create award worthy works that you’ll be proud to hang on your walls.

St Lucia Resorts


St Lucia Resorts Image

Windjammer Landing

Most St Lucia resorts are at sea level with many resorts actually sitting on St Lucia beaches, allowing you to enjoy the best of Saint Lucia’s climate and its weather.  Saint Lucia is a lush green island boasting rugged peaks and deep sided valleys that make the island strikingly beautiful.  This beauty is best appreciated as your aircraft descends towards the island.

For the most spectacular views request a window seat on the left hand side of the airplane when coming to St Lucia and on the right hand side when departing.  This is because most times your aircraft will fly along the leeward or western side of the Caribbean island chain so by choosing your seating this way you will get to enjoy the beauty of not only St Lucia, but all the other islands along your path.

St Lucia resorts come in various categories with all-inclusives being the most popular vacation accommodation on offer today.  In fact the all-inclusive model has become so popular that many resorts that initially didn’t offer this accommodation model have now embraced it and offer an all-inclusive as well as an European Plan (EP) style of accommodations.  Whatever your preference you are bound to find the perfect resort accommodations to suit you.

St Lucia Weather In December


By December the rainy season in St Lucia has ended and most days are generally dry with early morning showers followed many days by another shower that’s usually brief, late in the morning.  Average December temperatures range between 77 °F/25 °C  and 84.2 °F/29 °C  with a 56% median cloud cover and a median rain expectancy of 40-44% and a relative humidity ranging from 66% or mildly humid all the way up to 91% or very humid.  However with the lower overall rainfall St Lucia weather in December is extremely enjoyable when you consider what the weather is like in Europe or North America.

St Lucia Weather in October


And while we are looking at St Lucia weather during specific months let’s look at how the weather in St Lucia looks during the month of October just for the sake of picking another month.  This is now fall in more northerly countries however down here in St Lucia the rainy season is fast approaching its end and even the hurricane season will end come November 30th.  Here too summer has ended however the summer type weather remains in October unlike North America and Europe where temperatures are noticeably starting to drop.  St Lucia October temperatures range between 78.8 °F/29 °C and 86 °F/30 °C.  Afternoon and early evening showers are common at this time of year with a noticeable breeze that keeps things cool.  All of this makes for St Lucia weather in October that is perfect for an island getaway and all that St Lucia has to offer.

Sandals St Lucia


Since you are looking up St Lucia weather chances are you are considering a St Lucia vacation and if that is the case then Sandals St Lucia just might be on your mind.  The all-inclusive vacation model has become very popular in St Lucia in no small measure due to the presence here of Sandals Resorts.  Sandals St Lucia boasts three properties – The Sandals Regency, Sandals Halcyon and the Sandals Grande and with the resort’s “stay at one, play at three” policy it’s little wonder why Sandals is so popular among St Lucia vacationers.  With over twenty restaurants to choose from between the three properties, complementary watersports, live entertainment and so much more you might not even care what the weather is like down here in St Lucia because you’ll be having such a splendid time if you are staying at a St Lucia Sandals.  So don’t even worry about what month it is as if all-inclusive vacations are your cup of tea then a Sandals Resort in St Lucia is hard to beat

St Lucia News


So there you have it, just about everything you might wish to know about the weather in St Lucia and couple of other things that come to mind when you think of a St Lucia vacation.  And should you still have some burning questions just shoot me off a message in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to personally respond to you as I am here for you to help you get your best vacation ever.

To discover more about St Lucia and about St Lucia news so that you get to know long before you go why not sign up for St Lucia google alerts?  By doing so you will be one of the first to know when a new mention is made about St Lucia on the world wide web.

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St Lucia Photo Safaris

St Lucia Photo Safaris

If you’ve found this St Lucia weather article informative and you like the care and passion I’ve put into preparing it just for you now imagine what a day out on a St Lucia Photo Safari with me is like.  So if you have a passion for photography and want to learn how to make your best vacation pictures ever – the kind of pictures you will proudly hang on your walls then click the link below…

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All About St Lucia Weather (Home)

33 Responses to “All About St Lucia Weather”

  1. Laura says:

    My husband and I are visiting st lucia this December. To celebrate our 25 th wedding anniversary we are staying at the grand st lucian thank you for the information you provided it was most helpful ..

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hey Laura,

      Congrats on 25 … Hope you had a blast!

      • marietta says:

        My husband and I are thinking to go to Sandals St. Lucia this January 1, 2018..That is not too cold for the beach or swimming or water sports right? and January is not hurricane season right? It will be our 19 years anniversary so do you have any recommendation?

        • Kirk Elliott says:

          Hey Marietta

          First off congratulations on your upcoming 19th wedding anniversary and congratulations again on choosing St Lucia as the place to celebrate!

          Now to the matter of the weather… Considering that the average January temperature is 29°C/84°F you will absolutely love it!

          Hurricane season is June to November so you will be perfectly fine in January

          Check out my complete weather post for January in St Lucia by clicking the link below and you should be all set.

          Now regarding things to do in St Lucia – why don’t you let me know some of the things you enjoy and some of the things your hubby enjoys and I’ll offer a few suggestions.

          Best way to proceed is to shoot me an email at and I’ll get right back to you.

          And if you include a telephone number and a good time to call I’ll give you a holler as I always find the telephone so much easier than emails back and forth

          Please add 305.394.8100 to your contacts as that’s the FL number I will call you from

          One Love,


      • Kristie says:

        I’m going to be arriving Saturday the 24th 2017 And I am super excited and lil worried bc of hurricane Cindi. And I hope it doesn’t rain the all time but your article was very helpful! I am staying at the Sandals Grand St Lucian it looks amazing!

        • Kirk Elliott says:

          Hey Kristie,

          Glad you found the article helpful.

          It is all too easy to get caught up in the hype of the rainy season/hurricane season and what I’ve attempted to convey is for visitors like you to not get caught up in the hype.

          Now could you experience a hurricane and have your vacation ruined??? Well the answer is definitely YES! But will you actually have this unfortunate experience? And the answer is – Most likely NO!!

          So I’d really love for you to post a follow up review after your St Lucia vacation, relating a first hand commentary of your actual experience as this more than anything else will prove the merits, or demerits of this weather article.

          So here’s wishing you a smashing St Lucia vacation as I look forward to reading and sharing your update with the world…

  2. Karen Page says:

    Thanks for the info, we are going to Coco Palms on the 8th of October for my 50th birthday on the 10th, this information has probably been the most helpful out off all on the web!!! Very excited x

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hey Karen,

      Happy Birthday…and what a wonderful milestone 50 is!!!

      I’m elated that you found my blog post that helpful as it is comments such as yours that inspire me to keep up these posts.

      Be sure to say hello to Peppy (my big sis) when you get to Coco Palm.

      Enjoy St Lucia,

      One Love,


  3. Stephanie says:


    I have read so many different websites about the weather in St. Lucia in early July and it has become a tad overwhelming sorting through it all! My fiancé and I will be traveling July 5th- July 12th for our honeymoon. We have looked at quite a few resorts and still can’t decide on one. (We do like the Sandals grande). Are we likely to experience a lot of rain in St Lucia in early July? Does it make a difference if we stay far north on the island (sandals grande)? I read that the north doesn’t get as much rain. Another issue is that we really want to hike one of the pitons! That’s kind of far from the sandals grande. Any help in what the weather is like in early July and where you suggest staying to avoid rains as much as possible would be helpful! I also realize there are lush greens on the island and that rain in short bursts is common. I am more concerned about all day rains! Thanks! Oh! I am also interested in your photographer tour.

    Steph B

  4. Kirk Elliott says:

    Hey Steph,

    Hope you found my take on the weather helpful and your comment has inspired me to create a monthly post over the next year in which I’ll feature pictures during the month followed by a write up on the weather for that month.

    Our rainy season officially starts June 1st. This is also the start of the hurricane season, though we are sufficiently south in the Caribbean that we hardly ever get hit.

    Now it hardly ever rains for the entire day down here and even when it rains life never stops. Just think of rain in St Lucia as being Liquid Sunshine since while wet, it is always warm!!!

    The north of the island does get less rain, however don’t let this govern where you decide to stay. Think instead of what vacation activities are most important to you and let this be your guide.

    Interesting that you should wish to climb the Pitons as I have been recently recommended to work with The folks who conduct the hike and my mission is to help them take the climbing experience there to great new heights (every pun intended 🙂

    So please stay in touch so that I can share more info as things progress since I hope to be fully onboard with them down there before you arrive in July.

    And as for the Photo Tour – We’d love to have you come hang with us and we’ll even share some pointers for Photography When Climbing The Pitons!

    See You Soon…

    One Love,


  5. Corie says:

    Hi Kirk! My fiancé and I will be visiting St. Lucia very soon. We arrive on November 9Th. There is rain in the forcast everyday. Doesn’t it rain all day every day? Or is it just short showers throughout the day? Thank you so much for your post! We both can’t wait for the trip!

    – Corie

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hey Corie,

      So happy that you found my post helpful. In fact your comment has inspired me to start a monthly post that will run for the next 12 months and in those posts I will discuss the weather for that month.

      I would love to know what you think of this idea and also is there anything else that you think it would be nice for me to write about that vacationers just like you really want to get the real scope on.

      By now you should be in St Lucia and you will see first hand that it hardly ever rains for the whole day. And over the course of your vacation you’ll discover that there’s no need to stop for rain.

      Hey while it is wet it’s so very warm – hence the reason why we call it “Liquid Sunshine”!

  6. Elle says:


    Thank you for you’re helpful info. We are looking to go for a big birthday celebration as a family in October but getting really worried about info on the rainfall! Can you tell me roughly in October if it’s likely to rain all day, or just showers but then it’s nice and sunny after? I know you said it’s nice and warm even when it rains, which is great, however living in England we are used to the rain and so will expect but may have to re think the holiday if it will be more rain than sunshine! 🙂

    Many thanks

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hey Lizzy,

      Plan for your BIGGEST Birthday Bash EVER because the weather is more than likely to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and I’m willing to bet my best camera on this…

      Don’t think about rainfall and don’t think about the way it rains in the UK. St Lucia’s rainy season is June to November so you can imagine that by October the most intense periods of rain are usually over.

      Also something else to bear in mind is that in St Lucia it hardly ever rains for the entire day but instead the rain tends to come down in short bursts and I have found the best cure for this is for you to have another drink 😉

      … and by the end of your second drink you won’t even care whether it’s raining or not 🙂

      How much rain you experience will also depend on where you stay on the island. The extreme north and south of the island get far less rainfall (there’s that word again!) than the centre – like down in Soufriere.

      However as I started out saying – October is a great month for your birthday bash.

      Now Lizzy I know it’s a long way from October and anyone reading my reply may think that I’m just saying what I’m saying to make you feel better. However everything I’ve said in this reply comes from my knowledge of local weathered. You see, so much of my photography is of visitors just like you in the outdoors causing me to know better than most just what to expect.

      So to prove the point of my reply I’d love it if you would come back and make a post of your St Lucia weather experience after your birthday bash to let other readers know how accurate my predictions were.

      In fact why not shoot me an email at so we can stay in touch…and I’ll be happy to help you with anything else you’d like to know about St Lucia – weather or not!

      • Elle says:

        Ok thank you very much! We are getting it booked up and I will let you know how we found it. I’m sure we will have a fantastic time as I’ve heard such great things about St. Lucia. Thank you again!!

  7. Jonathan says:

    Hey there

    We are considering going to Sandles in St. Lucia in and around October 20 2016. Our concern is the rainy month of October and don’t want to get stuck inside the whole week. You think we will only deal with some afternoon showers?


    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hey Jonathan,

      Rainy Season is June to November however it rarely ever rains all day so don’t even sweat it. You’ll be just fine!

  8. Kirby-Marie Whetton says:

    Hi Kirk, thanks for the info in this article, it was really helpful and has put my mind at ease somewhat. My new husband and I will be spending our honeymoon in vieux fort from 7 November. the weather reports are saying thunderstorms and heavy rain for the next couple of weeks (!!!). I think I’ll cry if it’s bad the whole time! Is it really that bad there at the moment? Also, what activities do people do if it does rain forever? Many thanks, Kirby.

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hi Kirby-Marie,

      Apologies for not responding sooner 🙁 Gosh I swear that sometimes 24 hours simply aint enough in a day!

      Regarding the weather – HAVE NO FEAR!! Simply ignore all the doom and gloom reports as you’ll be just fine.

      Here are a couple of reasons why:

      1. Our rainy season is June to November so as you can imagine by November the worst of the rains are over

      2. While you may read a report that says 80% chance of rain what those reports fail to report (no pun intended 🙂 is that what we generally have are short rain showers rather than all day deluges

      3. Vieux Fort is on the southern end of the island and because of St Lucia’s shape that area receives far less rainfall than the mountainous center of the island.

      4. I could give you 5 or 6 additional assurances, but I’m sure you get the drift

      And finally – Regarding your question about what to do should it rain forever: You’re on Honeymoon Right??!!!

      Anyhow Enjoy and at the end of your stay please post an update to let me know if I can have the job of St Lucia Weather Forecaster…

  9. Elizabeth says:

    We are planning a vacation in Jan 2017… And are stumped as to where to stay… Our choices are Viceroy SugarBeach or up further north. We will have our college kid with us and would like to do some excursions such as hiking, ATV or day cruise… We also want our child to enjoy some young adult fun as well.. We want to be able to choose different dining options at night if possible… A lot to ask for, but can you help us in determining, accommodations in Souferiere or up north as our best option… Sunshine would be a plus too!!! Can’t wait to visit St. Lucia!

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I absolutely love receiving requests as simple as yours: “Sunshine would be a plus too!!!” … Well consider it DONE! 🙂 You will have all the sunshine your heart desires … GUARANTEED 🙂 🙂

      Truth is January is a fantastic month to visit. While it is cold up north the average daytime temperature down here is 29° C/ 84° F and the average monthly rainfall is 3 inches of rain … or in layman’s terms – Hardly a drop in the bucket!

      You see our dry season ( we only have a wet and a dry season) is from December to May so by the time January rolls round we boast beautiful blue skies, hardly any rain, the ocean is warm and inviting and the tropical cocktails are sheer delight!

      Regarding places to stay – Sugar Beach is an excellent choice. The exclusive Photo Safari that I run with them is very popular and one of their 5 or so Signature Tours so I am quite familiar with the resort.

      There is more activity to partake in up north so your son (did I get that right???) may enjoy it more. Based on your choice of Sugar Beach I have a few ideas for places to stay up north, however tell me which ones have caught your eye and I will provide some additional insights…

  10. Rob Johnstone says:

    Hi Kirk,

    I stumbled across your post and found it extremely insightful and it also made me feel much better considering we arrive on your beautiful island on Saturday to celebrate our honeymoon. We are staying at the Sandals Halcyon Beach resort for two weeks and my wife would be very upset should we get the rain that appears to be forecasted on most websites! She is a sun worshipper and I talked her out of going to the Maldives in favour of your island!

    Cannot wait to arrive and thanks once again.


    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hey Rob, Congratulations on your recent wedding and Thank You for choosing St Lucia…especially over a location as beautiful as the Maldives.

      If this is your first time to the Caribbean you will find a lot of cool things about our weather beyond its warmth.

      During your 2 weeks you will get some rain and I have found this to be one of the wettest Novembers on record. But before you get all flustered let me assure you that it never rains for long, the rain keeps us beautifully lush and green, and best of all, though wet – our rain is always warm.

      Truth be told – It never rains down here in Paradise. Instead what we have is bouts of Liquid Sunshine!

      BTW the Halcyon is very dear to me as I was their resident photographer for a number of years.

      Speaking of photography – If you love photography and have a digital camera why not join me on a St Lucia Photo Tour. I’m transitioning to a more culturally leaning tour where I introduce visitors to Authentic St Lucia and would love to have you and your lovely wife come out with us, if for no other reason than to ensure that she absolutely doesn’t miss the Maldives!…

  11. Tiffany says:

    Hi, my fiance and I are looking into Sandals Resorts for the wedding/honeymoon… I’ve been looking into Saint Lucia. We want calm, romantic…To enjoy ourselves. But we wanna do it in March 2017 (we are looking into booking in 2days) what is the weather like? And if you can give me any info on this place, like can we use debit or do we need cash, & is it usually packed with ppl or not …I just want to know the scoop on this place! Also how do we get there from airport also lol I don’t travel much especially like this maybe drive to a state over but that’s it! Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate it!!
    Thanks, Tiffany

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hey Tiffany,

      Hope you found my St Lucia weather article helpful! St Lucia weather in March is spectacular as you will be visiting during our dry season which is from December to May.

      Sandals is a popular resort for weddings and honeymoons. This means that there can be lots of other weddings the day you marry. Some Sandals packages include airport transfers so verify with the resort on this. Alternatively you can hire a taxi at the airport or even rent a car – if you are up to driving on the “wrong” side of the road!

      Hope these answers help and for any further questions you may have just shoot me a message at

  12. Drew says:

    Hey Kirk,

    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to the Sandals Resort in Saint Lucia (La Toc). Still haven’t set a date but are interested in either visiting early July or early September. We were wondering what time of year you would suggest visiting out of the two and the difference in weather patterns (rain, temperature, risk of hurricanes/tropical storms).


  13. Hi Kirk…

    I’ll be visiting St. Lucia May 2 thru May 14. I’ve looked at the 10 day forecast and it shows rain all the way through May 8, and most precipitation at 60%. I know you comment that most times it doesn’t rain all day, but with that high of precipitation, I can’t see how it can’t.
    I’ll be staying at the Hideaway Royalton from 5-2 thru 5-6, and then leaving for the Oasis Marigot. One of my concerns, going to the Oasis Marigot, is that I have the option to get a unit with AC, for a pricey amount, and I’m debating whether I should take it or not. My concern is that it’ll be humid and warm at night, and even though there are ceiling fans, it may not be enough. I see the lows dip down into 76, but I’m worried about the humidity. Any thoughts on this? You would think it may be a “no brainer” just get it and be done, but I think of what cool extra excursion I can take with that money..

    Thanks for your input. I looking forward to seeing your beautiful island!


    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hi Jean,

      First off Thank You for choosing St Lucia and rain or no rain you will have a BLAST!

      So the Royalton is on the northern tip of the island where the rainfall is considerably lower than our national average. I am therefore confident in saying that rain is not likely to adversely impact you.

      Will there be rain? Probably. Now will the rain ruin your stay? No…

      Down at Marigot you are likely to experience more rain than at the Royalton, however at this time of year I have never experienced vacation ruining downpours for days on end.

      Now the humidity can be a factor to contend with and it can actually be more of a bother than the rain.

      Earlier this April I experienced some humidity that was quite oppressive during one of my St Lucia Photo Tours and I was very quick to whisk the Photo Tour participants off to a nearby village where they got amazing scenes to photography, and thankfully the humidity was far less there.

      With the humidity this high I recommend that you strongly consider the A/C option. Can you book a non-A/C room, try it for 1 night and upgrade while you are here?

      Bear in mind that you will be here in the middle of St Lucia Jazz so changing rooms could be a challenge …

      Hope you find this helpful and remember that what some call rain is actually Liquid Sunshine!!

  14. laureLaula says:

    My husband and I were supposed to be leaving tomm for St. Lucia. We looked at the weather forecast on about 5 different weather forecast sites and they were all saying a lot of rain and clouds/overcast the entire time we were there, with the days following, being sunny! Are they having a bout of rain going on? We didn’t want to be there with tons of rain and overcast!
    Is the end of May a better time to go?

    Thank you!

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Ignore the weather forecast as it is misleading. Our dry season is December to May so it is unlikely that your vacation in May will be ruined by rain.

      Having said this I must confess that the rains have started coming. But this is a welcome thing as they are bringing back green to the hillsides. Now before you get all worried about this I am quick to add that it hasn’t been raining all day, nor is it likely to. So you might have half hour of overcast skies followed by 15 – 20 minutes of rain, then beautiful sunshine for 2 hours, then overcast again with no rain.

      Now because we are closer to the equator where the sunlight is more direct you must still be careful as you can suffer sunburn even on an overcast day.

      I will be going out in a bit so I’ll take my camera with me and shoot a couple of pictures which I’ll email to you so you can see what I mean by not worrying about what the forecast says.

      Now if you were coming in September I’d be telling you a different story! So let me state with every confidence – Please IGNORE those weather reports!!!

  15. Nick says:

    Hi Kirk. We are heading to sugar beach for our honeymoon in August 27th! How’s the weather looking. I am ignoring the forecast per your instructions. Has it been overly rainy?

    • Kirk Elliott says:

      Hey Nicholas, First off – Congratulations on your upcoming wedding … or has it already happened?

      Weather so far for this rainy season has been wonderful, though I must confess that we have had more rain than is seasonal. Cool thing though is that so far this year we haven’t had an entire day of nonstop rain.

      Also Sugar Beach is such a nice resort that rain, even if it comes along, is hardly likely to spoil your fun.

      When you get in I’d love for you to shoot me off a quick follow up to let me know what you think.


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