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4th of July

So I thought I’d take time out today to send greetings to
all of the alumni celebrating the 4th of July today…

Which made me think back to one 4th of July I happened to
be in Miami with a brand new camera I had recently ordered…

Now there was a park across the street from my hotel so I
went over to check out what looked like a great big party
​​​​​​​going on – and what a treat I got…

Below I’ve shared a short slide show of some of the scenes I
captured, and I have to say that this was the most fireworks
I’ve ever seen in my entire life – Gosh it went on for over
an hour!

Way cool was when a security guard let me inside the barricades.
He said that I looked like a professional photographer and so he
thought I’d really enjoy a more up close view of things…

Check out the last two pics in the slide show where I get to
shoot the fireworks looking directly onto the fireworks
launch pad…

Yeah this was pre 9-11 and my oh my how things have changed…

So if you are an American Alumni here’s wishing you a Happy
4th of July … and if you are not American here’s wishing
you a stunningly beautiful day…

And here’s promising you that during the St Lucia Photo Week
you can expect the kind of hospitality that security guard
extended to me – just because…

Would love to hear from you so I invite you to post a comment
below and I’d love for you to share some pictures too so that
I can share some of them right here as I have received so many
“Thank You’s” for sharing Gerome’s pics…

One Love Kirk

2 Responses to “4th of July”

  1. Jim Boss says:

    Hi Kirk, Great shots of the fireworks. There is an excessive amounts of fireworks in the USA today for sure. Wishing anyone if the US a great 4th of July and a great day to all the other fans of Kirk. Not sure if you can get to the page below without signing up but my page is under construction.

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